Life Lesson: Birth Control

Hey guys, today i’m going to talk about birth control. Birth control is a type of pill to prevent pregnancies. Now for me, i’m 13 and i don’t use it and i’m against it. The reason why i’m against birth control because it encourages teens to have sex more often, which isn’t a good look. I mean, would you like your parents to know that your having sex, even if your protected? Not really. I’m a celibate and i wait until i’m married to have intercourse. Sexual activity is meant for adults, not teenage girls. I mean, many teenage girls use birth control so they won’t get pregnant. If you don’t want to get pregnant then stay away from sex and boys. Keep you legs closed at a distance!! WHAT DOES YOUR PARENTS EVEN SAY ABOUT THAT!! Now that’s my question, oh never mind you girls are of having sex behind your parents back, so they don’t even know what your even doing. Now, take a look at this picture below:  ImageThis is a picture of a woman holding a sign saying that BIRTH CONTROL IS A HUMAN RIGHT. That could be a mother holding up that sign. I disagree with that quote because birth control isn’t a human right. What is the right is that you take care of your daughter and give her the right education to put her on the right path. Sex at a young age isn’t they way to start your life, EDUCATION IS! Some people have been saying that girls are just curious of how sex is. but to me there is nothing curious about it, it is just that you want to know what it feels like your know, the “horny” or “orgasmic” sensations, which is none of my concern. LOL 🙂 

Life lesson: What are haters?

Generally, haters are people who love to put down or insult and fault someone else regardless of whether or not they’ve done anything wrong, and in most cases, they haven’t. Don’t let someone ruin your perfect day. If you feed into their negative behavior they win. Ignore them. Does it really matter what they think? I mean who says their sense of fashion is right. Everyone is entitled to be unique. Our society has put so much pressure on others to look, dress, and be a certain way. It shouldn’t be that way. We are all different and special in our own ways. We were made different for a reason. If they make comments, I would ignore them don’t let them ruin your perfect day. Eventually they’ll get tired of not getting a rise out of you.

Quotes and Meanings #7

Quotes and Meanings #7

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Hurting or doing horrible things to other people is not good even if you apologize. Even though you will say sorry, you already created a scar on the person that you hurt. They will always remember that feeling you made them. It will stay in their hearts and in their brain. Maybe the exact way you hurt will be forgotten but how made them feel it will remain.

Quotes and Meanings #2

Quotes and Meanings #2

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Nobody’s perfect, you can’t find a perfect partner. That’s why it is a big challenge to find someone that will love you for who you are. You have to find someone that will love you despite your flaws. Someone who doesn’t only look on the good side but will accept you’re bad side. Love is loving everything about you.

Welcome to Quotes and Meanings

Welcome to Quotes and meanings from the creators of FashionGeeksters. Khadiza (me) and hannah have created this site for people who are looking for quotes along with meanings from our own experience, for those who think we got it from a website. Well anyways, here are some rules for this site: 1) there is no hate comments or anything affiliating hate because your comment will be disapproved to be shown on this blog. 2) the most important rue of all is DO NOT COPY OUR PHOTOS. We have gotten permission to use some of the photos displayed on this blog. Anyways i hope u understand.